Strike Indicators and Weights

CorQs Strike Indicators
Item # HD075

NEW! CorQs STRIKE INDICATORS are among the very best that we've ever tested. They're built with lightweight, premium cork - they land super-soft and float super-high, PLUS minimize surface friction/disturbance when re-casting. A rubberized O-ring keeps the indicator from sliding down the line, even on light tippets (6x, 7x, etc), yet are easily adjustable for different water depths. And that same rubber loop will never cut or nick your line. The porous surface texture displaces water quickly with less effort, allowing you to pick-up subtle strikes that would otherwise go undetected. ECO-FRIENDLY: They look more natural to the fish, because they are. MADE IN USA. SIZES: 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4". COLORS: (1)Natural, (2)White, (3)Neon-Assortment, (4)Red, (5)Black. 3-pak
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CorQs Thindicators
Item # HD076

NEW! CorQs THINDICATORS are FLAT. Made of two small disks of cork with adhesive backs that you press together. They track much differently in the water than a bobber, giving flies a more natural drift. THINDICATORS slice through the water with the most subtle takes, making it easy to distinguish between a fish and a snag. ECO-FRIENDLY: They look more natural to the fish, because they are. MADE IN USA. SIZES: 1/2"or 3/8". COLORS: (1)Orange/White, (2)White, (3)Neon. 3-pak

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Qwik Drop Shot Refills
Item # HD101

NEW! QWIK DROP SHOT REFILLS Sizes: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm and 5.5mm (specify). $9.95/pak
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'Stix-N-Stonez' 6-way Assortment
Item # HD102

NEW! BossTin "STIX-N-STONEZ" MAXIMUM STEALTH NON-TOXIC WEIGHTS: Designed to fool the most picky (educated) tailwater and spring creek trout who have "seen it all". Subtle natural colors and an assortment of sizes and shapes simulate twigs and pebbles. "STIX-N-STONEZ" 6-WAY ASSORTMENT: a mix of size #BB thru size #6 non-toxic shot in stealthy shapes of twigs and pebbless. Packaged in 6-way dispenser.
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"Stix" 4 Way Assortment
Item # HD103

"STIX" 4-WAY ASSORTMENT: Designed to fool the most picky (educated) tailwater and spring creek trout who have "seen it all". Subtle natural colors and an assortment of sizes and shapes simulate twigs and pebbles. Mix of non-toxic shot in sizes #1-#5 that imitates twigs floating down stream. Packaged in 4-way dispenser.
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'Stonez' 4-way Assortment
Item # HD104

"STONEZ": 4-WAY ASSORTMENT Mix of non-toxic shot in sizes #BB-#6 that imitates pebbles floating down stream. In 4-way dispenser.
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Lead Split Shot Assortment
Item # HD114

LEAD SPLIT-SHOT "ASSORTMENT" in wagon-wheel type dispenser. CONTAINS SIZES: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9
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Toobies Shot Refills
Item # HD137

TOOBIES SHOT "REFILLS" Sized like shotgun-shell pellets. SIZES: 2, 4, 6, 9, or 14 (specify size). (1/2-oz)
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Insta-Set Strike Indicators
Item # HD150

INSTA-SET STRIKE INDICATORS - The fluorescent tags alert you to the most subtle grabs, and are bright pointers showing you the subsurface location of your fly and whether the fly is dragging or floating drag free. Attachment to and adjustment on the leader takes but a few seconds. Can be attached in a straight-line configuration or in a 90 degree hinge. COLORS: (1)Red, (2)Yellow in SIZES: Small or Large. 4-pak
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Czech Nymphing Hi-Vis Sighters
Item # HD151

CZECH NYMPHING HI-VIS SIGHTERS With the excitement and growth of European style nymping here in the USA, these indicators (aka SIGHTERS) have exploded in popularity. They are super sensitive and very easy to see, detecting even the slightest strike. There are two ways to use sighters. You can run them straight off the end of your fly line with a loop-to-loop connection followed by the leader, or you can build them into your own simple leader system. Here's one example (see illustration): Connect 36" of 20-lb mono to 18" of 15-lb mono with a uni-jam knot, then tie a small perfection loop at each end of the leader butt-section you just created. Next, attach the SIGHTER loop-to-loop to the 15-lb end of the butt-section, and attach your 4, 5 or 6x tippet (up to 4-feet) to the loop at the other end of the SIGHTER. You can find lots of different formulas online for Czech, Spanish and French leaders. I like to keep the overall length of the leader a little bit shorter than the rod I'm using. 12" long in COLORS: (1)Fl-Orange, (2)Fl-Chartreuse, (3)Fl-Orange/Black-Bars, (4)Fl-Chartreuse/Black-Bars
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New Zealand "Wool Strike Indicator/Tool System"
Item # HD152

NEW ZEALAND WOOL "STRIKE INDICATOR TOOL" SYSTEM - There's never been an easier or more effective system for attaching yarn-type indicators. You'll instantly fall in love with this wonderfully simplistic tool/system just like I did (Bob). YARN INDICATORS detect strikes better, cast easier, and land softer than any clunky foam or plastic indicators. This STRIKE INDICATOR TOOL is a system that allows for fast, reliable attachment of any yarn-type indicator material, easy removal or adjustments to change depth, and won't damage the leader. The tool's hook grabs the leader, and a small piece of tubing slides into place over the leader (forming a loop), then fastens yarn in place when you pull the leader taut (see drawing). Comes with lots of extra tubing which can be re-used over & over again PLUS naturally buoyant NEW ZEALAND WOOL in White & Chartreuse. Tool hangs from your vest by a built-in lanyard loop, pre-loaded w/ multiple sections of tubing, ready for action. BEST EVER OF ITS KIND.

New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool from Barry Dombro on Vimeo.

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New Zealand Wool Strike Indicator Material
Item # HD153

NEW ZEALAND WOOL STRIKE INDICATOR MATERIAL - Works perfectly with the Strike Indicator System. 100% pure New Zealand wool is naturally buoyant, specially bred to produce a wirey texture to trap air with every cast. SPECIFY COLOR: (1)White, (2)Orange, (3)Chartreuse large pak
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