Dyna King Accessories

Dyna-King Adj Vise Extension
Item # RD001

ADJUSTABLE VISE EXTENSION Holds any vise shaft out over your lap. Sit up straight, in the most comfortable tying position. So easy on your back. When finished, swing it all back over the bench. Beautifully machined stainless-steel. Adjustable up to 8" from bench. Vise and C-clamp sold separately.
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Dyna-King Cement Reservoir
Item # RD002

DYNA-KING CEMENT RESERVOIR Machined aluminum cement reservoir that will spoil you. No caps or lids to unscrew. Just lift the needle by its handle from the precision-machined reservoir. Apply cement, and replace the needle. The seal is automatically air tight.
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Dyna-King Gallows Tool
Item # RD003

DYNA-KING GALLOWS TOOL for tying parachute flies. Hang your hackle pliers from it to hold the post firmly upright when wrapping the hackle. Fits all 3/8" shafts.
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Dyna-King 3in Trim Bag
Item # RD004

DYNA-KING 3" EXTENDED TRIM BAG fits all std 3/8" vise shafts. Centers directly below hook to catch waste.
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Dyna-King Hook Dispenser
Item # RD005

DYNA-KING HOOK DISPENSER THIS IS NICE. A HOOK-DISPENSER. BUT WAIT. Take a look. It's special. Machined from bar-stock aluminum, and tapered top to bottom. Picking up a single hook from a bunch, goes like this. Place a finger on the hook and simply slide it up the smooth tapered surface of its dispenser bowl. I like this. Bar-Bell Eyes and Beads? Works for me. A cork-pad on the bottom prevents damage to table tops.
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Dyna-King Profile Plate
Item # RD006

PROFILE PLATE FITS ALL VISE SHAFTS! And should be on every vise shaft! Allows great ease in seeing as we tye. It's a composite flat-white "GLARE-REDUCING" plate 5-3/4" by 5-3/4". Adjustable for height and fits 1-6" behind the fly. Better vision appears to magnify the fly as we tye, reducing eye strain. "Blocks-out" the busy background on the bench. I won't tye without it.
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Dyna-King Dubbing Whirl
Item # RD010

DYNA-KING "DUBBING-WHIRL" Fast easy to use Dubbing-Loop-Tool. Place DUBBING WHIRL in at bottom of loop(grab thread-loop with wire-ears). Lay material to be spun in loop. Spin DUBBING-WHIRL. The material is near instantly spun into a tight rope.
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DYNA-KING Midge Jaws
Item # RD012

DYNA-KING MIDGE JAWS FIT ALL BARRACUDAS Allow tying size-14 thru micro with optimum space to work around the jaw.
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