Bucks Bags Pontoon Boats

Alpine Pontoon Package
Item # 191677

We have re-introduced an old favorite with some major improvements to create the ultimate stillwater fishing craft! The shallow-draft double pontoon system creates great tracking and minimal wind resistance. Our new "versa-frame" incorporates both anchor system and motor mount, allowing them to be used effectively at the same time with extra room for battery storage. Also includes a front stripping apron, deluxe tackle pockets, 6' breakdown oars and adjustable footrests. Rotary welded pontoon seams, vinyl bladders, high-output valves and powder-coated steel frame. 5 year warranty. Actual shipping charges apply.
FT1191PK Specifications
Capacity: 375 Lbs.
Inflated Size = 96" Long x 55" Wide
Shipping Size = 52" x 24" x 10"
Shipping Wieght = 60lbs
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Bronco Extreme 9
Item # 191697

The Bronco Extreme series features 18" diameter pontoons that are rotary-welded with a rugged 22oz. PVC enamel coated polyester cover and a 100% polyurethane bladder. The stainless steel frame has superior strength and design features that make it second to none. This boat also has a padded seat, padded armrests and a roomy "Seaboard" cargo deck for coolers and extra gear. The standard anchor system features our patented Line-Lock for easy anchor release and retrieval. The NEW tackle pockets are partitioned for organization and also offer two drink holders and a 6-spool tippet dispenser. Other standard features include 7' aluminum breakdown oars, bronze oar-locks, an effective stripping apron and adjustable footrests and oar placement. Actual shipping charges apply.
Weight Capcity = 375lbs.
Inflated size = 9' (108") Long x 57" Wide
Shipping size = 52" x 24" x 10"
Shipping Weight = 55lbs.

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River Ghost Pontoon Package
Item # 191753

The River Ghost is a high performance, 9' shallow-draft boat with our new double pontoon system. It is a pleasure to fish from in almost every water and wind condition. Able to navigate in the skinniest creeks and rivers, this boat is perfect for late-season low water conditions. The low profile is also perfect for windy conditions on both lakes and rivers. Our new versa-frame has a compact motor/anchor system that allows effective use of a trolling motor without sacrificing anchoring ability. Also includes a large cargo deck,
deluxe storage pockets with tippet dispensers and drink holders, 7' breakdown oars with bronze oar-locks, rotary-welded pontoon seams, polyurethane bladders with high-output valves, effective stripping apron, stainless steel frame and padded seat. 5 year warranty. Actual shipping charges apply.
Weight Capcity = 400lbs.
Inflated Size = 108" Long x 56" Wide
Shipping Size = 48" x 24" x 12"
Shipping Weight = 70lbs.
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Southfork Pontoon Package
Item # 191769

BUCKS "SOUTHFORK PONTOON PACKAGE" - The Southfork is the most rugged and stylish 8' pontoon boat on the market today! It is designed with both performance and economy in mind. From day trips down your favorite trout stream to fishing a mountain lake, this boat covers all the bases. The rotary-welded pontoon covers have 18oz. PVC coated polyester on top and 22oz. material on the bottom where most abrasions occur. The bladder is 100% polyurethane. The stainless steel frame is amazingly strong and corrosion resistant and offers adjustable footrest and oar placement. Other standard features include 6 aluminum breakdown oars with molded rubber oar-stops, roomy weatherproof storage pockets, a large rear cargo deck and an effective stripping apron. 5 year warranty. Actual shipping charges apply.
The Southfork has a proven track record over many years. COLORS: (1)Red, (2)Royal-Blue, (3)Forest-Green, (4)Silver, (5)Charcoal

Weight Capcity = 325lbs.
Inflated size = 96" Long x 55" Wide
Shipping size = 48" x 24" x 10"
Shipping Weight = 45lbs.
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