Cactus Chenille

Item #TD007

CACTUS CHENILLE "Full-Bodied" Ice Chenille used to tye buggers, bass flies, PLUS the Davis "SPANKER". The "Spanker" is a world record winning silver salmon fished throughout Alaska, and it's so easy to tye. SIZES: Medium or Large in BRILLIANT COLORS: (1)Bright-Green, (2)Hot-Orange, (3)Fl-Fuchsia, (4)Pearl, (5)Pink, (6)Purple, (7)Yellow, (8)Chartreuse, (9)Black, (10)Dk-Olive, (11)Olive, (12)Red, (13)Rootbeer, (14)Peachy-Flesh,(15)Shrimp-Pink, (16)Bonefish-Tan (3-yard PAK)

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