Metz 2 Saddle

Item #TK112

METZ #2 ROOSTER SADDLES - The Furnace used for Ed's F-C Crackleback in sizes-12 & 14, many dry-fly patterns in sizes 10, 12 and 14, Dry Stonefly fly patterns, Woolly-Buggers and more. COLORS: (1)Furnace/Brown (for F-C Crackleback), (2)Barred-Ginger (for Bill Miller's Crayfish), (3)Cream, (4)Med-Dun, (5)Black, (6)Lt-Blue-Dun, (7)Golden-Badger, (8)Silver-Badger, (9)Ginger, (10)Chocolate-Dun, (11)Cream-Dyed-Olive, (12)Grizzly, (13)Brown WHOLE SADDLE $45.95, HALF SADDLE $23.95 (best to call for specific color availability)

Starting At: $23.95

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