Monic Aqua Glo
Monic Aqua Glo

Aqua Glo

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AQUA-GLO Glow-in-the-dark dressing for wet or dry flies. Activated by sunlight or natural light, AQUA-GLO instantly gives a brilliant yellow-green glow to a fly or strike indicator. We've had several reports of night trout fishers (especially in tailwaters) kicking butt with this stuff. And how about night fishing around the lighted docks (so popular now) for snook, tarpon, sea-trout etc. in Florida. A Lefty's Deceiver with "glowing" cheeks looks dynamite. A 20-minute exposure to sunlight produces hours of glow. Just a 1-minute exposure to flashlight or headlamp and flies will glow for up to an hour!


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