arc ARC Bonefish/Redfish Fly Line
arc ARC Bonefish/Redfish Fly Line

ARC Bonefish/Redfish Fly Line

Item #: AR097

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ARC BONEFISH/REDFISH FLY LINES with WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED These lines load rods at close range for those peak-a-boo shots, and have unique front and back tapers that produce great turnover while maintaining stability on longer casts. The hard outer layer won't wilt in the tropical heat, and features a durable, 100% polyurethane cover mixed with a superslick, hydrophobic PTFE fluoropolymer for extended life and superior line float. Color is Sand-Dune running line with Coastal-Blue head. WF7F thru WF9F.

ARC FISHING ADVANCED FLY LINE TECHNOLOGY - ARC FLY LINES incorporate the latest advancements in fly line design. Built around a 6% low-stretch Response Core for superior line sensitivity and solid hook set. Variable compression Zones maximize performance of individual segments of the lines. A super high floating permanent Nano PTFE coating repels water, dirt and surface scum. A low-friction, grooved line profile reduces tangles and friction producing higher line speeds for longer, more accurate casts. ARC calls this ZNG Technology. The durable, 100% Polyurethane outer layer is also UV, sunscreen and DEET resistant. Welded front and back loops for easy leader rigging and line change out. Line ID system welded into back loop. Lines are 2-tone to help mark optimal loading point for your rod.


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