Barr Flies
Barr Flies

Barr Flies

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"BARR FLIES" - How to Tie and Fish the Copper John, the Barr Emerger, and Dozens of Other Patterns, Variations, and Rigs by John S. Barr. The Barr Emerger is an unrivaled pattern for western mayfly situations, and the Copper John has evolved into the most popular fly of the millennium. Learn Barr's tying methods with step-by-step instructions and clear color photos to create the Copper John, Barr Emerger, B/C Hopper, Tung Teaser, Slumpbuster, and many more. John also shares his "confidence" patterns - guaranteed to catch fish. Tips on when and how to fish them, PLUS how he fishes multiple-fly rigs. Hardbound, 184 pgs, 570 color photos, 22 illus, 8-1/2" x 11".


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