Brodin BRODIN Phantom Landing Nets
Brodin BRODIN Phantom Landing Nets

BRODIN Phantom Landing Nets

Item #: HT008

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$79.95 - $89.95 79.95 89.95
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Trout $79.95
Firehole $79.95
Cutthroat $84.95
Frying Pan $89.95


"PHANTOM" LANDING NETS FROM BRODIN - These new nets offer the same features and strength as all of Chris Brodin's wooden nets, and at an unbeatable price. Beautiful multi-layer laminated wood frames with SOLID RUBBER "GHOST" NET BAG. This lightweight rubber bag weighs a scant 4-oz. and is clear in color so that it will disappear in the water and will not spook fish. The rubber net bag gently cradles the fish causing less harm than a nylon bag. As an added advantage, HOOKS DO NOT STICK in the rubber netting! (1) TROUT NET - Hoop 9" x 13", Handle 11", Overall 24" $79.95 (2) FIREHOLE NET - Hoop 6.75" x 14.75", Handle 8", Overall 23" $79.95 (3) CUTTHROAT NET - Hoop 11.75" x 16", overall 24" $84.95 (4) FRYING PAN NET - Hoop 12.75" x 18", overall 26" $89.95


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