BW Sports BW SPORTS Wader Bag
BW Sports BW SPORTS Wader Bag


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BW SPORTS WADER BAG A vented main compartment (16"W x 11.5"H x 13"D) easily holds waders, wading boots, wet wading sandals, neoprene socks and more. F-C team member John Kiel did the field test work on this one: he fit two pairs of waders and boots in the main compartment, both his and his sons. He loves this bag! The zippered top and both sides of the main compartment have heavy-duty mesh panels for MAX ventilation/drying capabilities. Large back pocket (12" x 14") will hold a rain jacket, gloves, socks. Two zippered front pockets (6.5" x 8") hold reels, fly boxes, a sandwich... you name it. Zippered lower front pocket houses a super-convenient 28" x 28" roll out changing mat. Nylon carry handles PLUS shoulder strap included.


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