c&f C&F CF1505 Fly Box
c&f C&F CF1505 Fly Box

C&F CF1505 Fly Box

Item #: HG035

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C&F DESIGN #CF1505 FLY BOX - Thousands Sold! All standard C&F DESIGN boxes have durable, super-lightweight hard plastic shells, and hold both wet and dry flies perfectly. Shirt-pocket sized (3-1/4" x 5" x 1-3/4"). All Dry Fly Compartments are covered by a clear plastic shield to prevent flies from falling or blowing out when opened. Shield is held securely in place by a small magnet, and opens with a small "tab" on top. Slotted Foam Rows work like this: Let the "ribs" be your guide and simply back the fly into a slit, and it will be held tightly in place. Everyone who tries these boxes raves about them!


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