c&f C&F Fly Threaders
c&f C&F Fly Threaders

C&F Fly Threaders

Item #: HJ002

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$12.95 $ 12.95
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STANDARD (Blue) $12.95
MIDGE (Pink) $12.95
ULTRA-MIDGE (Red) $12.95


C&F FLY THREADERS – For those that need a little help poking the tippet through the hook eye, lust pre-load these babies with flies, poke the tippet through the threader and pull the fly off. SHAZAM, the tippet is loaded. SIZES: STANDARD (Blue) Holds fly sizes #14 and larger, MIDGE (Pink) Holds fly sizes #14 thru #20, ULTRA-MIDGE (Red) Holds sizes #20 and smaller. 4-pak


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