Canadian Lynx Tail
Canadian Lynx Tail

Canadian Lynx Tail

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CANADIAN LYNX TAIL - When I was a kid, my dad had a source for these, and came up with this deadly effective nymph pattern, the "Lynx Nymph" (Bob). HERE'S ED'S PATTERN: Weight the front half of the hook-shank with lead wire and put a gold bead on it if you like (Dad didn't), then tye in a Lemon Woodduck Flank tail and gold wire (for ribbing) at the end of the hook shank. Cut off a portion of the soft creamy-tan fur from the Lynx Tail, chop in into 3rds w/ scissors and finger-blend it on the tying bench. Use this to dub the abdomen tapering "fatter" toward the front to cover 2/3rd's of the hook-shank. Wrap the gold wire thru the body. Next, finger-blend some of the black/charcoal colored hair from the tip of the tail and dub the thorax of the fly making it slightly fatter than the abdomen. Finish with a soft-hackle collar of brown Hungarian Partridge. A nice added touch is to tye-in one feather fiber of the lemon woodduck flank on all four sides of the hook... let the fibers flow well past the shank. whole-premium-tail


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