CHOCKLETT'S Filler Flash
CHOCKLETT'S Filler Flash

CHOCKLETT'S Filler Flash

Item #: TD148

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$5.50 $ 5.50
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Black $5.50
Grey $5.50
Hot Pink $5.50
Olive $5.50
Orange $5.50
Pearl $5.50
Purple $5.50
Yellow $5.50
Brown $5.50
Chartreuse $5.50


BLANE CHOCKLETT'S FILLER FLASH - Weighing in at about 0.2 oz. per pack and a width of 1 1/2", this little flashy chenille can add a knockout punch to accenting big patterns! Palmer it through stuff, add color segments or collar it! COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Grey, (3)Hot-Pink, (4)Olive, (5)Orange, (6)Pearl, (7)Purple, (8)Yellow, (9)Brown, (10)Chartreuse

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