Davy Wotton's Wet Fly Tying DVD
Davy Wotton's Wet Fly Tying DVD

Davy Wotton's Wet Fly Tying DVD

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Davy Wotton's Wet Fly Tying DVD is a full three hours, on a 2-DVD Set, of technical lessons in the construction of six different wet flies, and includes detailed instruction on properly crafting the five basic elements of most any pattern. There are few tiers in the world as talented and as informed as Wotton, and in this video he demonstrates a host of techniques any fly tier will find invaluable. Wet flies are Davy's specialty and the ones you learn here will provide the angler an entirely new arsenal for even the most reluctant trout.

Each Wet Fly Constructed has been selected with great care to give you a complete understanding of all the skills needed to master this class of ties. Two 'Spider Flies' show you how to properly umbrella your hackle to simulate the delicate structure of mayflies. The 'DW Prism Soft Hackle' incorporates modern body materials with a precisely wound soft hackle. The Coch-Y-Bonddu Beetle shows a herl body on a classic terrestrial. The 'Woodcock Hare's Ear' and the 'Wichham's Fancy' bring together all the basic lessons taught in the video and result in a couple irresistible patterns you won't want to be without.

A Proper Fly has to have a host of proper elements and in this very complete production you'll get the tools to do just this. You'll discover how to tie five different kinds' of tails, eight body styles, seven different wings, three ribbing mediums, and wind hackle five different ways. The DVD, in summary, is a great combination of lessons and demonstrations that gives the beginner a great foundation, and reveals to the advanced tier details they may have never imagined.


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