DNA Frost Fish Fibers
DNA Frost Fish Fibers

DNA Frost Fish Fibers

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50% OFF! DNA "FROSTY FISH FIBERs" is used as the top wing on HOLO CHROMOSOME FLASH Clouser Minnows, blended with any streamer wing material, or can be used on its own. This translucent, helical fiber changes depth of tone from deep radiant hues that almost glow, to lighter shades of the same color with a frosty sheen, depending on how light hits the material. This mimics the behavior of light hitting the skin of natural baitfish, simulating the changes of luster and color that take place naturally. Hanks are 8" LONG. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)White, (3)Polar-Bear, (4)Pink, (6)Iron-Blue, (7)Royal-Blue, (8)Sky-Blue, (9)Lt-Blue, (10)Sage, (11)Med-Olive, (12)Tan, (13)Red, (14)Purple, (15)Shrimp, (16)Chartreuse, (17)Bright-Yellow $3.50/hank


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