puglisi Enrico Puglisi 3D Fibers
puglisi Enrico Puglisi 3D Fibers

Enrico Puglisi 3D Fibers

Item #: TU016

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$7.50 $ 7.50
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Grey $7.50
Everglades $7.50
Pilchard $7.50
Anchovy $7.50
Pinfish $7.50
Mutton Snapper $7.50
Tarpon Streamer $7.50
Back Country $7.50
Sand $7.50
Brown $7.50
Orange $7.50
Blue $7.50
Purple $7.50
Olive $7.50
Golden Olive $7.50
Chartreuse $7.50


EP-FIBERS "3-D" are multiple colors of EP-FIBERS pre-blended together to create the best (most realistic) minnow imitations ever. COLORS: (1)Grey, (2)Sand, (3)Brown, (4)Orange, (5)Blue, (6)Purple, (7)Olive, (8)Golden-Olive, (9)Chartreuse, (10)Everglades, (11)Pilchard, (12)Anchovy, (13)Pinfish, (14)Mutton-Snapper, (15)Tarpon-Streamer, (16)Back-Country $5.95/BIG-PAK


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