puglisi Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers
puglisi Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers

Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers

Item #: TU015

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$8.95 $ 8.95
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White $8.95
Rust $8.95
Light Yellow $8.95
Gold $8.95
Lime $8.95
Emerald Green $8.95
Sunrise $8.95
Green Chartreuse $8.95
Grey $8.95
Steel Blue $8.95
Polar Bear $8.95
Sky Blue $8.95
Navy $8.95
Silver Grey $8.95
Black $8.95
Light Olive $8.95
Olive $8.95
Dark Olive $8.95
Golden Olive $8.95
Hot Pink $8.95
Yellow $8.95
Bronze $8.95
Minnow $8.95
Tan $8.95
Sand $8.95
Brown $8.95
Pink $8.95
Red $8.95
Orange $8.95
UV Yellow Chartreuse $8.95
Purple $8.95


"ENRICO'S FIBERS" are the original, amazingly translucent fibers that are used to tye the PUGLISI BAITFISH IMITATIONS in the saltwater fly section of this catalog. The action is somewhere between marabou and bucktail. The huge 10-inch hanks give you the length needed when tying large baitfish imitations (herring, mackerel, menhaden). This material sheds water rather than absorbing it, keeping large flies lightweight and easy to cast. ENRICO'S FIBERS are easy to mark and color with waterproof markers (page 86) for extremely realistic looking baitfish. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Polar-Bear, (3)Yellow, (4)Tan, (5)Sand, (6)Brown, (7)Pink, (8)Red, (9)Orange, (10)Rust, (11)Lt-Yellow, (12)Gold, (13)Lime, (14)Emerald-Green, (15)Sunrise, (16)Green-Chartreuse, (17)UV-Yellow-Chartreuse,(18)Grey, (19)Steel-Blue, (20)Sky-Blue, (21)Navy, (22)Silver-Grey, (23)Black, (24)Slate, (25)Lt-Olive, (26)Olive, (27)Dk-Olive, (28)Golden-Olive, (29)Hot-Pink, (30)Bronze, (31)Minnow, (BIG-PAK)


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