feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Premium Rod Carriers
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Premium Rod Carriers

FEATHER-CRAFT Premium Rod Carriers

Item #: WF053

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$62.95 - $79.95 62.95 79.95


FEATHER-CRAFT'S PREMIUM ROD CARRIERS hold 5 to 6 rods. 4" round, strong, lightweight PVC tubing fitted with rugged, water-repellant nylon with reinforced seams. Fully padded on each end, zipper closers are lockable. See-thru ID pouch, carry handle and shoulder strap included. COLORS: (1)Forest-Green, (2)Navy-Blue.

2-PIECE ROD CARRIER Holds 5-6 rods up to 58 inches $79.95 (ground shipping only for the 2-piece version)

4-PIECE ROD CARRIER Holds 4-5 rods up to 32 inches $62.95


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