feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Wild Turkey Pointer Wing Quills
feather-craft FEATHER-CRAFT Wild Turkey Pointer Wing Quills

FEATHER-CRAFT Wild Turkey Pointer Wing Quills

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F-C WILD TURKEY POINTER QUILLS (I only have these during the spring turkey season). These quills are located on the extreme outside, of a wild turkey wing. They are in demand by bow hunters to be used for fletching arrows. HOWEVER, for fly tiers, the outside of this quill is where turkey biots come from for wrapping a number of fly body patterns. These pointer-quill biots are much longer than goose biots and are barred black and white. WHAT MOST FLY TYERS DON'T KNOW is that the feather-fibers on the feather-side of the quill are-no like any other feather-fiber on a regular turkey wing quill. These feather-fibers on turkey pointer-quills are like biots, and each feather-fiber is straight and the same size for its full-length, unlike a biot. A customer uses nothing else but one of these feather-fibers for the bodies on his Trico patterns. A well known tier uses these feather fibers as the secret body on his small Adams patterns. He quickly tapers the under-body with thread-wraps before wrapping the feather-fiber over them. These little Adams are just beautiful. I won't tie them that small, and when I asked him for one, he said no. I do tie a quick little Dry Woolly pattern like this. On a size-14/16 hook, tie in a grizzly hackle at the end of the hook-shank dull-side facing you by its butt-end. Tie in a feather-fiber from the feather-side of this quill. Wrap the thread up to just behind the hook eye. Wrap the turkey fiber up to the waiting thread and tie in. Cut away waste. Palmar-Wrap the hackle in wide even wraps up the hook shank to the waiting thread and tie in. Cut away waste and finish fly head. This is a Griffth's Gnat with a different body look, you'll see. The last time I offered these quills, they sold out, with many re-orders. I could not back-order a pointer-quill, so please reorder here(you can add it to your regular catalog order). And we often have to cut these long pointer-quills in half for shipping. This in no way harms the tying material. A lot of special tying material here, again off both sides of the quill.


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