fishpond FISHPOND Gore Range Tech Pack
fishpond FISHPOND Gore Range Tech Pack

FISHPOND Gore Range Tech Pack

Item #: MF215

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FISHPOND GORE RANGE TECH PACK - Upgraded with lighter weight, waterproof breathable recycled fabric. Lightweight with versatility and expandability. Adjusts to fit all weather conditions with its unique lightweight, waterproof and breathable fabric. Zip-down fly benches have mesh expansion pockets for tippet spools. Large mesh back pocket with additional horizontal zippered pocket for stowing extra gear. Signature 'zip-down' fly benches with replaceable foam. 17 exterior and interior pockets. Mesh backing for ventilation and warm weather comfort. Vertical chest pockets hold large and medium boxes. Gear attachment tabs, cord loops, D-ring net lash and a Hemostat keeper. One-size-fits-most adjustable shoulder and waist strap design. Color is Driftwood.

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