Goose Biots
Goose Biots

Goose Biots

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White $1.95
Yellow $1.95
Purple $1.95
Ginger $1.95
Dark Brown $1.95
Blue Wing Olive $1.95
Black $1.95
Dyed Dun $1.95
Olive $1.95
Light Olive $1.95
Rusty Brown $1.95
Sulphur Orange $1.95
Callibeatis $1.95


GOOSE BIOTS - For tails, flat-wings, wrapped fly bodies & more. Shane Stalcup will show you exactly how to tye using "biots" in his DVDs. COLORS: (1)White, (2)Dk-Brown, (3)Blue-Winged-Olive, (4)Black, (5)Dyed-Dun, (6)Olive, (7)Lt-Olive, (8)Rusty-Brown, (9)Sulphur-Orange, (10)Yellow, (11)Purple. (per 4-strips) SHANE STALCUP'S GOOSE BIOTS - Grade-AAA quality, hand selected and dyed by Shane. Available while supplies last. COLORS: (11Pale-Yellow, (12)Callibaetis, (13)Golden-Olive, (16)Olive-Dun, (17)Tan-Dun, (18)Frying-Pan-Pink, (21)Gray-Dun, (22)Peach, (23)Lt-Brown, (24)Pink-Cahill (per 4-strips)


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