hatch HATCH Premium 68-lb Backing 1200-Meter Spool
hatch HATCH Premium 68-lb Backing 1200-Meter Spool

HATCH Premium 68-lb Backing 1200-Meter Spool

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HATCH PREMIUM 68-LB BACKING - 1200 METERS - The strongest braided line available by diameter. At a mere .015" diameter (slightly smaller than 20-lb Dacron backing) its breaking strength is 68-lbs! The tightly braided 8-strands of Polyethylene line, or PE line, is very smooth with a round profile that zips through rod guides with the very least amount of friction. It also has great abrasion resistance, is UV resistant, ties small sized knots, and provides less drag in the water when battling that fish of a lifetime. The small diameter makes HATCH PREMIUM BACKING is perfectly suited to all fly fishing situations, both fresh and saltwater.

NOTE: This 1200 Meter set up comes with 12 connected 100-meter spools making it super easy to judge how much backing your rigging on a spool (without the need of a line counter). It's really slick to use.


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