Ice Fur
Ice Fur

Ice Fur

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$3.75 $ 3.75
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Super Gotcha Silver Tan $3.75
Yellow $3.75
Minnow Blue $3.75
Olive $3.75
Tan $3.75
FI Flame $3.75
FI Orange $3.75
Gray $3.75
Orangutan Rust $3.75
Camel Tan $3.75
Bonefish Wing Pink $3.75
White $3.75
Black $3.75
Polar Bear Cream $3.75
Chartreuse $3.75
Silver Grey $3.75


ICE FUR - Absolutely gorgeous! Finely combed-out continuous super-shiny antron fibers, custom dyed to our specifications. Perfect for the wing on bonefish patterns, fresh and saltwater minnow imitations (including Clouser-style minnows), and perfect for Gary LaFontaine's Emergent Sparkle Caddis Pupa, and other trout flies. ICE FUR comes in a long continuous hank giving us the option to tye 5-INCH+ streamers. Taper ICE FUR by un-evening the "ends" - or my favorite is to simply use a taperizer scissors (page 74). COLORS: (1)Super-Gotcha-Silver-Tan, (2)Orangutan-Rust (top wing on F-C Sand Shrimp), (3)Camel-Tan(tail on F-C Sand Shrimp), (4)Bonefish-Wing-Pink, (5)White, (6)Black, (7)Polar-Bear-Cream, (8)Chartreuse, (9)Silver-Grey, (10)Yellow, (11)Lt-Minnow-Blue, (12)Olive, (14)Tan, (15)Fl-Flame, (16)Fl-Orange, (17)Gray $3.75/hank


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