bauer BAUER RVR Fly Reel
bauer BAUER RVR Fly Reel


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RVR 2/3 Reel $695.00
RVR 4/5 Reel $725.00
RVR 6/7 Reel $755.00
RVR Euro-Nymph Reel $755.00
RVR Micro-Spey Reel $755.00


BAUER RVR LARGE-ARBOR FLY REELS - The RVR reels have been in development for more than two years. The team at Bauer started with a groundbreaking and beautifully modern design and quickly found out how challenging it is to machine a reel this complex. No one had never seen anything like it. The complexity and double anodized design of the RVR would prove too difficult to achieve on a conventional 3-Axis machine, so they sought out the newest 5-Axis machines available. The result speaks for itself. Couple the futuristic design with one of the smoothest sealed carbon-fiber disc drag systems in the world and you have something very special.

RVR 2/3: Small streams and spring creeks are the ideal waters for 2 and 3wt fishing. You’re not likely to ever need 70 yards of backing here, or a drag capable of stopping a steelhead. What you will need is a lightweight reel designed with the smaller capacity and perfect drag for those very special angling situations. Midnight-Black/Gold. CAPACITY: WF3F + 50yds 20# Backing

RVR 4/5: The line and backing capacity, drag and weight of this reel have been appropriately designed for the more sizeable trout, larger water, longer casts and more varied techniques associated with 4 and 5wt rods. Whether you’re fishing a floating line or a light sink tip, whether fishing dries or wets, this is the ideal reel. Midnight-Black/Gold. CAPACITY: WF5F + 75yds 20# Backing

RVR 6/7: A larger reel for the heavier line weights used when targeting trophy fish with large, wind-resistant or heavy flies. The increased backing capacity is more than sufficient to handle even the longest running trout. Intended applications are streamer fishing with floating or sink-tip lines, stillwater angling with floating, intermediate and full-sinking lines, as well as handling the aggressively-tapered lines needed to turn over large dry flies, poppers, articulated streamers, and double nymph rigs. Midnight-Black/Gold. CAPACITY: WF7F + 100yds 20# Backing

RVR EURO-NYMPH: The super large arbor of this reel design addresses the unique capacity requirements of the level lines used in European-style nymphing. The spool size and capacity is greatly reduced as these fly lines don’t have the typical thick belly like a traditional fly line. Hi-stickers, your reel has arrived. Midnight-Black/Silver. CAPACITY: Level line + 100yds 20# Backing

RVR MICROSPEY With Solid Aluminum Frame: Specifically designed for Micro Spey angling, this reel handles 3, 4, and 5 weight spey lines. This model features a full frame to prevent thin running line from slipping out of the reel. The weight of this reel has been carefully considered to balance the longer, two-handed rods used for Trout Spey. Reel capacities accommodate the wide variety of Scandi and Skagit style lines available. Midnight-Black/Silver. CAPACITY: Skagit 360-grain + 100 yds 20# Backing


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