DR. SLICK Cyclone Nippers
DR. SLICK Cyclone Nippers

DR. SLICK Cyclone Nippers

Item #: HF093

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Straight Cutting Face $24.95
Off Set Cutting Face $24.95


DR. SLICK CYCLONE NIPPERS – Exceptional performance at a great price! Super sharp Tungsten Carbide Blades are mounted on a Lightweight 6061-T6 anodized aluminum frame. Clean cuts right thru everything from 80lb braid and mono, 30lb dacron and 20lb coated wire, right down to 7X tippet. Attaches where ever you like via coated steel retention ring. Replacement blades, screws and hex key included. 2.25” in length. SPECIFY: (A)Straight Cutting Face, or (B)Off-Set Cutting Face.


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