fishpond FISHPOND Quickshot Rod Holder 2.0
fishpond FISHPOND Quickshot Rod Holder 2.0

FISHPOND Quickshot Rod Holder 2.0

Item #: HP705

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FISHPOND QUICKSHOT ROD HOLDER 2.0 – Updated with improved back attachment for using with FISHPOND packs and wader belts, and a new side release buckle. Allows you to carry a second rod, rigged and ready to fish. Perfect for wading salt flats where you may want to make a quick switch from the 8-wt rod to a heavier rod when spotting a GT, permit or barracuda cruising nearby, or rig a second rod with a big streamer on your home trout waters. Thermoformed molded rod holder cradles any size handle. Webbing loop with a polytube overlay holds the butt of a standard reelseat or fighting-butt. Magnetic buckle with elastic cording adjustment secures the rod handle, and releases your fully rigged rod with just one quick pull. The rod rides behind you on the opposite side as your casting arm. Attaches to any 1” wide webbing belt, or clips to Fishpond Switchback Wading Belt, Thunderhead Backpack, Thunderhead Sling Pack, Thunderhead Lumbar Pack and Green River Gear Bag.

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