fishpond FISHPOND Thunderhead Bear Spray Holder
fishpond FISHPOND Thunderhead Bear Spray Holder

FISHPOND Thunderhead Bear Spray Holder

Item #: MF372

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FISHPOND THUNDERHEAD BEAR SPRAY HOLDER - When navigating bear country, the last thing you want is to bury your non-lethal deterrent inside your pack. Statistically, bear spray is a highly effective defense against undesirable behavior, but only if you can get to it quickly. The Thunderhead Bear Spray Holder offers immediate, secure access when you need it most.

FEATURES: • Secure fit for a wide range of canisters (test your specific canister before field-use)

• One-hand, quick-draw access strap

• Neoprene gasket for a secure fit

• Nylon webbing strap with snap attaches to molded tabs found on many Fishpond products and most wading belts

• Versatile attachment system on back allows for vertical or horizontal orientation

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