orvis ORVIS Pro Waterproof Backpack
orvis ORVIS Pro Waterproof Backpack

ORVIS Pro Waterproof Backpack

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ORVIS PRO WATERPROOF BACKPACKThe durable PRO Waterproof Backpack 30L, is constructed from 840-denier, abrasion- and puncture-resistant ballistic nylon, and then coated with .1mm TPU on both sides of the fabric. Orvis has yet to see a more waterproof and thoroughly seam-sealed pack collection on the planet. Thirty waterproof liters of storage give you ample day pack capability and then some. With a slightly longer back panel, Orvis even rethought the way a pack capable of holding so much gear sits on your hips, yet wears like it’s hardly even behind you. The answer came in the form of a wider lumbar strap/buckle with larger, pocketed wings. Both fit and feel just right without constricting movement. Also note the beefy, submersible, easy-slide, #10 TIZIP® MasterSeal zipper, as that one’s critical. With actual teeth that grab and seal, it prevents the dreaded blowout that plagues packs with a sandwich bag-style closure. Gear stays bone dry and access is easy thanks to a generous opening with an interior Orvis brightened up by adding a high-vis chartreuse color. Orvis also redesigned the shoulder straps and back panel with perforated 10mm foam padding, decreasing weight and bulk while allowing for better air circulation. In short, the days of the dreaded ‘misty back’ are over. Deep dive into further features and you’ll find an integrated back panel net scabbard and exterior D-ring, rod-tube cam straps, water bottle pocket with retention leash, and internal hanging pockets to keep gear organized. The shoulder straps even give you accessory docking stations and a unique buckle that lets you customize even more by adding Orvis’ 4L Chest Pack (25FS) and 3L Chest/Hip Pack (25FT), making the PRO Waterproof Backpack the day pack to end all day packs. Weight 1361g/3lbs. 30L/1830 cu. In. 21.5”H x 11”W x 8”D

Made from 840-denier, abrasion- and puncture-resistant ballistic nylon

Coated with .1mm waterproof TPU on both sides

Slightly longer back panel repositions lumbar straps better across hips for weight distribution

Submersible, blow-out free, #10 TIZIP® MasterSeal zipper

Generous opening dimensions for easy access

Perforated, 10mm foam padding shoulder straps and back panel

Integrated back panel net scabbard and exterior D-ring

Rod tube cam straps

Water bottle pocket with retention leash

Internal hanging pockets

Accommodates Orvis’ 3L Chest Pack and 2L Chest/Hip Pack


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