renzetti RENZETTI Tool Bar Station (X8140)
renzetti RENZETTI Tool Bar Station (X8140)

RENZETTI Tool Bar Station (X8140)

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Renzetti Tool Bar Station

A great tool organizer, designed to hold a number of fly-tying hand tools including scissors, and an Enhancement Plate. It is made out of aluminum and will fit any 3/8 stem. Its locking mechanism is superior to any toolbar on the market. It comes in 2 sizes and a number of colors to customize your vise.

The Tool Bar Station is a perfect tool organizer that can be placed anywhere on your desk. It comes with a 4" stem and 2, 2".stems, a 3"x6" black powder coated base and multi use magnetized pockets to hold your hooks, eyes, beads or any other tool or supply. This Tool Bar Station will hold any Tool Bar as well as The Renzetti Enhancement Plate allowing you to have your vise free of any attachment, giving you more space around your vise, but still have your tools close by.

Tools and Tool Bar Not Included

Made in the USA.



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