solarez SOLAREZ Fly -Tie Color UV Resin
solarez SOLAREZ Fly -Tie Color UV Resin

SOLAREZ Fly -Tie Color UV Resin

Item #: SV112

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$11.95 $ 11.95
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Fl Chartreuse (127) $11.95
Fl Hot Pink (138) $11.95
Fl Red (139) $11.95
Fl Green (132) $11.95
Fl Orange (137) $11.95
Fl Grape (131) $11.95
White (141) $11.95
Copper Shimmer (67) $11.95
Silver (344) $11.95
Violet Sparkle (375) $11.95
Fire Mist Blue Sparkle (116) $11.95
Topaz Sparkle (370) $11.95
Dijon Mustard (103) $11.95
Emerald Green (110) $11.95
Red Oxide (310) $11.95
Chocolate Brown (59) $11.95
Black (11) $11.95


SOLAREZ FLY-TIE COLOR UV RESINS - Makes it so easy to color streamer heads, plus add hot spots and trigger points to any fly pattern. Apply with the fine brush applicator and hit it with a UV flashlight or sunlight, cures tack-free in seconds. Use it for colored wing-cases, gills, lateral lines, coating poppers, spots on streamers, you name it. COLORS: (127)Fl-Chartreuse, (138)Fl-Hot-Pink, (139)Fl-Red, (132)Fl-Green, (137)Fl-Orange, (131)Fl-Grape, (141)White, (67)Copper-Shimmer, (344)Silver, (375)Violet-Sparkle, (116)Fire-Mist-Blue-Sparkle, (370)Topaz-Sparkle, (103)Dijon-Mustard, (110)Emerald-Green, (310)Red-Oxide, (59)Chocolate-Brown, (11)Black. 5-gram bottle with built-in applicator brush


UV curing of color resins is always better when done in thinner applications. If mass is desired, do so with Solarez THICK or MEDIUM first, then color over that. All resins are compatible and stick well to each other.


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