Easy Egg Chenille
Easy Egg Chenille

Easy Egg Chenille

Item #: TC032

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$3.95 $ 3.95
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Apricot $3.95
Cheese $3.95
Cream $3.95
Early Roe $3.95
Fl Chartreuse $3.95
Fl Fire Orange $3.95
Fl Green Chartreuse $3.95
Fl Orange $3.95
Fl Pink $3.95
Fl Red $3.95
Fl White $3.95
Peach $3.95
Red $3.95
Roe $3.95


EASY EGG CHENILLE - The perfect material to create realistic egg patterns for trout, salmon and steelhead. Just a few wraps around the hook shank and you’re done! Very subtle built in flash. COLORS: (1)Apricot, (2)Cheese, (3)Cream, (4)Early-Roe, (5)Fl-Chartreuse, (6)Fl-Fire-Orange, (7)Fl-Green-Chartreuse, (8)Fl-Orange, (9)Fl-Pink, (10)Fl-Red, (11)Fl-White, (12)Peach, (13)Red, (14)Roe.


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