UV2 Variegated Mini Mangum's Dragon Tails
UV2 Variegated Mini Mangum's Dragon Tails

UV2 Variegated Mini Mangum's Dragon Tails

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Black/Brown $7.95
Brown/Fl-Orange $7.95
Brown/Tan $7.95
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UV2 VARIEGATED MINI MANGUM’S DRAGON TAILS – Treated with UV Enhancers - These are 6” long, 1/2” diameter at their mid-section, with two-tone variegation. AWESOME. Conceived by David Mangum, a top notch fly tyer and Florida guide. These tapered tails make it super-fast and easy to tye BIG BAITS with a ton of action. Use them “as is” for hook sizes 1/0 – 5/0, or cut them back shorter for smaller hook/baitfish sizes (us a dab of super glue where you make the cut). Can’t go too short though, or you start losing the action. Using various retrieval techniques you can make them dance or swim with a snake like action. Tails have been specially treated to add color fastness and durability. Great possibilities for bass, pike, muskie, and of course their original intent, saltwater baitfish. COLORS: (1)Black/Brown, (2)Brown/Fl-Orange, (3)Brown/Tan, (4)Dk-Brown/Tan, (5)Black/Red, (6)Olive/Red, (7)Turquoise/Black, (8)Chartreuse/Black, (9)Purple/Black, (10)White/Black. 5-pak

UV2 FLY TYING MATERIALS from SPIRIT RIVER. Spirit River now has the ability to process fly tying materials with both UVF and UVR, just like Mother Nature. UVF is the fluorescent wavelength in bright colors which allows fish to see flies at greater distance in most water conditions. UVR is the reflective UV light that cannot be readily seen with the human eye, but is very visible in the animal and insect world. Bees use it to find flowers, mayflies use it to choose mates, and fish naturally key on it as a safe food choice. By closely mimicking Mother Nature's UV color patterns we gain a new advantage on the most wary fish.


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