FNF Creeper Chenile
FNF Creeper Chenile

FNF Creeper Chenile

Item #: TD168

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$5.95 $ 5.95
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Atomic Yellow $5.95
Black $5.95
Blushing Sunburst $5.95
Hulk $5.95
Marshmallow Pink $5.95
Olive $5.95
Prawn $5.95
Safety Orange $5.95
Fl White $5.95
Red $5.95
Bonefish Pinkish Tan $5.95
Brown $5.95
Hot Pink $5.95
Orange $5.95


FNF CREEPER CHENILLE – This chenille incorporates 30mm rubber legs with a thin layer of slush jelly material mounted on a micro core for easy tying. GREAT MOVEMENT IN THE WATER. Sky’s the limit with applications from trout streamers to bonefish crabs. COLORS: (1)Atomic-Yellow, (2)Black, (3)Blushing-Sunburst, (4)Hulk, (5)Marshmallow-Pink, (6)Olive, (7)Prawn, (8)Safety-Orange, (9)Fl-White, (10)Red, (11)Bonefish-Pinkish-Tan, (12)Brown, (13)Hot-Pink


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