VEEVUS Body Quill
VEEVUS Body Quill

VEEVUS Body Quill

Item #: TJ154

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$3.75 $ 3.75
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Black $3.75
Brown $3.75
Claret $3.75
Fl Chartreuse $3.75
Fl. Hot Pink $3.75
Fl Orange $3.75
Fl Yellow $3.75
Fuchsia $3.75
Golden $3.75
Golden Brown $3.75
Hot Orange $3.75
Light Olive $3.75
Olive $3.75
Pale Pink $3.75
Tan $3.75
Yellow $3.75


VEEVUS BODY QUILL is an awesome translucent/iridescent synthetic thread-like material for forming soft-hackle, nymph and dry fly bodies. It's great to use for midge bodies, butts, heads and also as a ribbing. Mix colors to create a mottled effect. Coat it with UV Resin and be amazed at the realistic/juicy, full body look that you get. You’re really going to like this one. COLORS: (1)Black, (2)Brown, (3)Claret, (4)Fl-Chartreuse, (5)Fl-Hot-Pink, (6)Fl-Orange, (7)Fl-Yellow, (8)Fuchsia, (9)Golden, (10)Golden-Brown, (11)Hot-Orange, (12)Lt-Olive, (13)Olive, (14)Pale-Pink, (15)Tan, (16)Yellow 30m-spl

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