Atomic Glow Strips & Sheets
Atomic Glow Strips & Sheets

Atomic Glow Strips & Sheets

Item #: TJ155

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$10.40 $ 10.40
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Fl Blue Strips $10.40
Fl Green Strips $10.40
Fl-Orange Strips $10.40
Strip Color Assortment $10.40
Fl-Blue Sheet $10.40
Fl Green Sheet $10.40
Fl Orange Sheet $10.40


ATOMIC GLOW STRIPS & SHEETS - Stretchy material that when exposed to sunlight, Black light, UV light or LED light source for 10-20 minutes, retains a sustained glow for more than 8-hours! Can be wrapped to form a fly body, used as a wing case, or incorporate “strips” into your streamer patterns for fresh and salt. 1/16” STRIPS in COLORS: (1)Fl-Blue, (2)Fl-Green, (3)Fl-Orange, (4)Assortment of colors 1-3. 4" x 3" SHEETS in COLORS: COLORS: (5)Fl-Blue, (6)Fl-Green, (7)Fl-Orange


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