whiting WHITING Brahma Hen Capes
whiting WHITING Brahma Hen Capes

WHITING Brahma Hen Capes

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Natural Brown $19.95
Medium Dun $19.95
Olive $19.95
Dark Olive $19.95
Golden Brown $19.95
Pale Yellow $19.95
Golden Olive $19.95
Tan $19.95
Dark Dun $19.95
Cream $19.95
March Brown $19.95
Black $19.95


WHITING BRAHMA HEN CAPES for SOFT HACKLING - With the growing demand for smaller soft hackle feathers, these capes fill an important need. A perfect substitute for partridge and quail feathers. Capes feature a full size range of soft, webby feathers that will tye sizes 16/18 and larger. These capes are dyed-over Natural- Badger and have beautiful mottling and contrast. You’re gonna love tying with these! No feather sorting, just pluck and tye. NOTE> Check out the article on these in your Summer 2020 Fly Tyer magazine, page-34.


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