Tie In Fold-Over Eye Tabs
Tie In Fold-Over Eye Tabs

Tie In Fold-Over Eye Tabs

Item #: TL190

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$4.75 $ 4.75
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Small (for 1/4" or smaller eyes) $4.75
Medium (for 1/2" or smaller eyes) $4.75
Large (for 3/4" or smaller eyes) $4.75


TIE IN FOLD-OVER EYE TABS – Works great with all types of 3D eyes, including Flymen Living Eyes and Dragon Eyes. These perfectly clear tabs help secure adhesive eyes on your flies, adding durability and longevity, PLUS, eyes will adhere without the use of any additional glue. You can tie in before tying your fly or cut and tie in after the fly is finished. SIZES: (SMALL works with 1/4" or smaller eyes), (MEDIUM for 1/2" or smaller eyes), and (LARGE for 3/4" or smaller eyes). 12-pak


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