Polish Quills
Polish Quills

Polish Quills

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IMPORTED POLISH QUILLS – Hand stripped and dyed peacock eye quills for tying quill body nymphs and dries, as pretty as they come. Creates fantastic natural looking segmentation, perfect for flies tied on hooks sizes 12-22. Use one of our Thin UV products to coat the bodies for extra durability and a touch of shine, looks awesome. Packs contain a minimum of 25 quills, when tying on smaller hooks each quill can make up to three flies. COLORS: (1)Natural, (2)Olive, (3)Golden-Olive, (4)Orange, (5)Yellow, (6)Red, (7)Pink, (8)Brown, (9)Crimson, (10)Ginger, (11)Fl-Yellow, (12)Green, (13)Soft-Pink, (14)Forest-Green, (15)Turquoise, (16)Blue.


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