Yeti Hair
Yeti Hair

Yeti Hair

Item #: TU100

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$6.95 $ 6.95
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Olive $6.95
Brown Olive $6.95
Rusty Brown $6.95
Yellow $6.95
Muskrat Grey $6.95
Brown $6.95
Red $6.95
Orange $6.95
Black $6.95
Yeti White $6.95
Tan $6.95
Purple $6.95
Pink $6.95
Royal Blue $6.95
Dark Olive $6.95
Hot Pink $6.95
Fl Blue $6.95
Fl Yellow $6.95
Fl Chartreuse $6.95
Fl Orange $6.95


YETI HAIR is a Long Fiber natural African Goat product, AVERAGES 7-INCHES IN LENGTH! That’s right, 7 inches. This is a long fiber with LOTS OF MOVEMENT that makes even Craft Fur jealous. One of the beautiful things about this material is its blend-ability. With many of the shades such as Brown Olive, Rusty Brown, and such are blended instead of a straight dye batch giving this material a much more natural variegation. The dimensions are the exact same all the way through the hair. Meaning that each individual fiber does not taper. This gives you two great advantages. First, with it being 7 inches in length it can be a bit long for most applications. This allows you to cut the material to any given length to fit your need. A much more multi-purpose material with its length. Second, this means that when you cut it you can pull Yeti Hair to make the ends uneven and give it a taper after cutting it shorter. Perfect for tying anything from large Pike Flies to small strip leech patterns, streamers and Clousers. Finally if you want, flash mixes in with Yeti Hair very easily. Also a great replacement for Islandic Sheep.


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