smith creek SMITH CREEK Vehicle Interior Rod Rack
smith creek SMITH CREEK Vehicle Interior Rod Rack

SMITH CREEK Vehicle Interior Rod Rack

Item #: WR015

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SMITH CREEK ROD RACK – HEAVY DUTY UNIVERSAL VEHICLE INTERIOR ROD RACKING SYSTEM designed for use with SUV’s, Cross-Overs, Station Wagons and Vans that have over door grab handles, rear side windows or accessory hooks, and a rear door, hatchback or tailgate. This innovative and patented racking system holds up to seven rod and reel combinations overhead and out of the way. Easy to use locking shock cord holders secure and support rods without rattles or damage, even on the roughest roads. Quick to fit and fast to stow makes it ideal for anglers that use their vehicles for more than just fishing. Built guide-tough for permanent in-vehicle situations. Rods are easily racked and kept highly accessible. Rods and reels can be carried full length rigged-up and ready to fish. After initial fitting, the system installs inside a vehicle in about a minute, and can be rolled up and stored into its’ compact carry bag in seconds. It is a no-hassle, simple operation and convenient to use. Travel with your rods away from damage and harsh external elements, safely and securely inside your vehicle.

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