Liquid Fusion
Liquid Fusion

Liquid Fusion

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"LIQUID FUSION" Clear Urethane-Amazing! The strength of epoxy with NO MIXING. Dries hard and clear, non-toxic, 100% Waterproof, fast drying, no obnoxious smell, and it thins and cleans up with water. Frankly, I can't see why I'd ever use epoxy again. HERE'S SOME USES: Right out of the squeeze bottle it's the perfect consistency for affixing decal and 3-D eyes, building shell-backs on shrimp and scud patterns, or putting a thick, epoxy like coating over an entire streamer/baitfish/minnow head, including the eyes. HERE'S A TIP: once you've applied the Liquid Fusion in its original state (right out of the bottle), dip a small paint brush in water and brush over the Liquid Fusion to shape and smooth it. Thin with water until you create the perfect consistency for your application. Add glitter, or add color by mixing with acrylic paint if you like. With a brush, paint it right on foam or cork popper bodies for added durability. MORE USES: Because Liquid Fusion thins with water, you can make it any consistency you like. I mixed a batch in a Loon Applicator bottle that I'm using as head cement. Thin it to "watery" for penetrating type cement, or a little thicker to build up "glossy" fly heads. The uses are endless. $8.95/2-oz squeeze bottle


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