ONYX Inflatable Belt Pack M-24
ONYX Inflatable Belt Pack M-24

ONYX Inflatable Belt Pack M-24

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CLOSEOUT 40% OFF! ONYX M-24 INFLATABLE BELT PACK - FOR YOUR SERIOUS CONSIDERATION! The Life-Saving Inflatable Belt Pack. Wade and fish uncertain waters without fear. Float tube over deep water with confidence. Perfect for adults that don't swim, and for all the rest of us that do swim, but would find it difficult in waders and a vest or pack. Peace of mind and confidence is all neatly packed into this ONYX Coast Guard approved Type-3 flotation device. DOUBLES AS YOUR WADING BELT. Charged with a 24-gram replaceable C02 cylinder, WHEN YOU NEED HELP INSTANTLY, JUST PULL THE RIP-CORD! The floatation device is tethered to the belt, just grab it or put it on for life-saving help. Also has an oral tube for inflation. Adjustable belt fits up to 52" waist. REG $144.95 NOW $86.97

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