Polar Fiber Craft Fur
Polar Fiber Craft Fur

Polar Fiber Craft Fur

Item #: TU024

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$5.95 $ 5.95
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Light Sea Blue $5.95
Red $5.95
Gray $5.95
Pale Lemon Yellow $5.95
Olive $5.95
Electric Yellow $5.95
Gold $5.95
White $5.95
Purple $5.95
Hot Orange $5.95
Bonefish Wing Pink $5.95
Chartreuese $5.95
Hot Pink $5.95
Camel Tan $5.95
Orange $5.95
Black $5.95
Shrimp $5.95
Beige $5.95


"POLAR FIBER" CRAFT FUR (finest fibers available). Great for everything from the Super-Gotcha to Clouser Deep Minnows and streamer wings. A clump will make a beautiful tapered streamer wing, just like natural hair. Finest fibers of any Craft-Fur. COLORS: (2)White, (3)Bonefish-Wing-Pink, 4)Chartreuse, (5)Hot-Pink, (6)Camel-Tan(tail on F-C Sand-Shrimp "Sr"), (8)Orange, (9)Black, (10)Lt-Sea-Blue, (13)Red, (14)Green, (15)Gray, (16)Pale-Lemon-Yellow, (17)Olive, (18)Electric-Yellow, (19)Gold, (23)Purple, (25)Hot-Orange, (28)Beige (for the Gotcha and Supergotcha bonefish flies), (29)Shrimp $3.95 per PAK


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