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Yellow Pearl $4.95
Chartreuse $4.95
Gold $4.95
Silver $4.95
Black Rainbow $4.95
Olive Pearl $4.95
Green Pearl $4.95
Blue Pearl $4.95
Pink Pearl $4.95
Rainbow Pearl $4.95
Pearl $4.95
Dark Olive Pearl $4.95
Mirage Opal $4.95


POLARFLASH - This material reminds me of the Sparkle-Flash we used to get from Australia in the 1990's. There's just something about it that is magnetic to fish in both fresh and saltwater. Micro nylon filaments tightly wrap each strand of Flashabou creating a stronger fiber and light diffusion increasing (in a strange subtle way) sparkle and flash. Incorporate it into your streamer patterns and you'll see what I mean. The Pearl-blends and Mirage-Opal are my favorite... Bob. COLORS: (1)Yellow-Pearl, (2)Pale-Olive-Pearl, (3)Green-Pearl, (4)Blue-Pearl, (5)Pink-Pearl, (6)Rainbow-Pearl, (7)Pearl, (8)Dk-Olive-Pearl, (9)Mirage-Opal, (10)Chartreuse, (11)Gold, (12)Silver, (13)Black-Rainbow $4.50/lg-hank


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