regal REGAL Revolution True-Rotary C-Clamp Vise
regal REGAL Revolution True-Rotary C-Clamp Vise

REGAL Revolution True-Rotary C-Clamp Vise

Item #: RE010

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$349.95 - $484.95 349.95 484.95
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Regular Head $349.95
Big-Game Head $374.95
Stainless-Steel Head $484.95
Hook Head $464.95
Monster Head $374.95
Shank Head $374.95


REGAL "REVOLUTION" TRUE-ROTARY C-CLAMP VISE This is a true center spin, free spinning vise. Incorporates a barrel housing with dual stainless-steel self-lubricating ball-bearings on a black oxidized shaft. Tension-knob allows you to adjust the rotary head anywhere between free spin and fully locked. I recommend purchasing the Regal Bobbin Holder with this vise to realize its full TRUE ROTARY tying capabilities.

REGAL CUSTOM HEAD COLORS: Available at $40 Upcharge. Royal Blue, Rustic Pine, Ultra Violet, Orange Ember, Hot Rod Orange.

Click on YouTube to view full screen.

Click on YouTube to view full screen.

REGAL VISES - Famous the world over for their toughness, superior hook holding characteristics and ease of use. The powerful 'BULL DOG' gripping Head/Jaw design is available in a variety of configurations to handle most any hook size range. Simply squeeze the lever, place the hook in the jaw and release the lever. Hooks are held firmly in place. Available in Fixed Head, Rotary Head and Revolution Head model with 360-degree True Rotary. Lifetime Guarantee.


REGULAR HEAD (for hook sizes 22 to 1/0)

BIG GAME HEAD (for hook sizes 22-5/0)

HOOK HEAD (for hook sizes 2-32)

STAINLESS STEEL HEAD (for hook sizes 32-2). The Stainless Steel Jaw is manufactured from heat-treated stainless that allows for machining REGAL's smallest profile jaw (leaving us more room to work around the jaw!), yet maintains the durability expected from a REGAL Vise.

MONSTER HEAD (for hook sizes 1/0 to 8/0)

SHANK HEAD (hold shanks, tube pins, and hooks from size 16 to 1/0)


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