Rio RIO IN TOUCH Outbound Short "Hover" Fly Line
Rio RIO IN TOUCH Outbound Short

RIO IN TOUCH Outbound Short "Hover" Fly Line

Item #: FG206

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RIO IN TOUCH OUTBOUND SHORT Hover Fly Lines have a 30-ft ultra-slow sinking "hover" head that sinks less than 1-inch per second. Yellow running line with Olive head. WF6F/S1 thru WF8F/S1

RIO IN-TOUCH "OUTBOUND SHORT" FLY LINES are equally at home in both fresh and saltwater applications. Designed to cast large, heavy flies very long distances. A short, aggressive front taper easily carries large, weighted streamers, while the powerful 30-foot head design loads rods deeply and efficiently for near effortless casts. Outstanding line for wading anglers wishing to cover a lot of water, for stripers, steelhead, salt apps and has become a favorite line for pounding the banks from a drift boat. A supple core for cold weather/water conditions ensures the line remains tangle free. Length is 100-ft. ALL OUTBOUND SHORT LINES HAVE WELDED LOOPS INSTALLED ON BOTH ENDS.


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