flymen fishing company Sculpin Helmets
flymen fishing company Sculpin Helmets

Sculpin Helmets

Item #: TL140

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FISH SKULLS 'SCULPIN HELMETS' - A new style of Fish Skull with a realistic, flat and broad profile to imitate bottom dwellers like sculpins, gobies and baby catfish. Quick and easy to tye in, weighted keel holds hook in the upright position, works with both hooks and tube flies. 3-D Eyes are included. SIZES: MINI (hook sizes 10-2), SMALL (hook sizes 6-1), LARGE (hook sizes 2-2/0) in COLORS: (1)Olive, (2)Brown, (3)Black-Nickel (8-pak)

NOTE: Weight the new size Large and X-Large CRAWBODIES (our item TL147) with the Mini, Small and Large Sculpin Helmets

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