Thin Skin
Thin Skin

Thin Skin

Item #: TJ015

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$2.50 $ 2.50
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Clear $2.50
Mottled Olive $2.50
Mottled Golden Stone $2.50
Black $2.50
Chartreuse $2.50
Clear/Black Specks $2.50
Tan/Black Specks $2.50
Olive/Black Specs $2.50
Clear/Black Aligator Pattern $2.50
Gray $2.50
Tan $2.50
Light Olive $2.50
Olive $2.50
Shrimp Pink $2.50
Burnt Orange $2.50
Mottled Oak Turkey $2.50
Mottled Orange $2.50


THIN-SKIN for tying the wing-case on the COPPER-JOHN & other nymph patterns. Plus backs on scuds, sowbugs, crayfish and shrimp. Stretchable and transparent with a matte finish on one side, shiny on the other. Comes by the sheet w/ a "paper-backing" that makes it easy to cut to width(firm). Then peel from backing to use. COLORS: (1)Clear(for the COPPER-JOHN), (2)Gray, (3)Tan, (4)Light-Olive, (5)Olive, (6)Shrimp-Pink, (7)Burnt-Orange, (8)Mottled-Oak-Turkey, (9)Mottled-Orange, (10)Mottled-Olive, (11)Mottled-Golden-Stone, (12)Black, (13)Chartreuse, NEW FLY SPECKS COLORS(really Buggy!): (14)Clear/Blk-Specks, (15)Tan/Blk-Specks, (16)Olive/Black-Specks, (17)Clear/Black-Alligator-pattern


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