hareline UV Cure Ruler
hareline UV Cure Ruler

UV Cure Ruler

Item #: TZ062

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UV CURE RULER - If you use Clear Cure Goo or Tuffleye products (doesn't everybody?) you're going to want to own this UV CURE RULER. It sports a myriad of 'cut out forms' in different shapes and sizes to help you perfectly apply UV Cure products to everything from scud-backs and nymph-cases to minnow flanks and crab-shells. Simply choose the 'cut out' that matched the size and shape that you need, lay this Ruler in place over that area of your fly, apply your UV Cure product, remove the Ruler, then hit it with the curing light and you're done. Perfect scud, nymph, crab, etc, backs/bodies every time. The Ruler itself has a NO STICK SURFACE. Just 'pop off' any hardened UV product that ends up on the Ruler.


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